Planning for a cybersecurity incident response

On April 6, 2020, CU*Answers presented a complimentary web-based educational course for credit unions to assist them in planning for and responding to a cybersecurity incident response. This webinar is one of many offered to all credit unions throughout the year as part of CU*Answers University.

“Conducting an effective response to any incident requires a test-validated plan and an informed and trained team” states Jim Lawrence, VP of Business Continuity. “For cybersecurity incidents, understanding the purpose and procedures performed during each stage of a response is critical.”

During the webinar, participants from more than twenty credit unions discussed the tools, controls, and skills required during each stage from preparation and prevention, to detection, containment, eradication, and recovery.

Each stage of the process provides valuable information for further mitigating cyber risk and enhancing any gaps or weaknesses in your existing incident response plan.

The course ends with components to include in the plan and recommendations for maintaining and testing. Additional complementary courses are offered throughout the year on business continuity, information security, and incident response. The course schedule is available from the CU*Answers website.