An Update from CU*Answers: Performance Issues for It’s Me 247

Due to significantly increased traffic volumes throughout the day, It’s Me 247 online banking has been experiencing performance issues.  This has been the case for our online and Site Four clients, and likely for self-processors as well.

As we performed troubleshooting processes, we chose to temporarily stop the following:

  • MACO authentication (Daon)
  • Mobile apps
  • Mobile web
  • Optics

In addition, we performed a code change as well as some IBM work on iSeries, all intended to help optimize system performance as much as possible.

Presently, It’s Me 247 desktop appears to be stable.  As of 4:30 PM ET this afternoon, we have turned mobile web and mobile apps back on – we will continue to monitor throughout the afternoon and evening.  MACO will remain down throughout the rest of the day and will be turned back on tomorrow morning at 8:00 AM ET.

Given the number of stimulus checks that were posted to member accounts today, we are hoping that tomorrow’s traffic volumes might ease a bit.