CU*Answers announces monthly Education Express and Learning Café offerings

CU*Answers schedules hundreds of training sessions throughout the year including two hot programs: Education Express and Learning Cafe. “Studies have proven that the incentive to learn is at peak when a topic is current, critical, and commands attention,” said Laura Welch-Vilker, VP of Clients Services and Education.

In response to the need for education at the right time, the CU*Answers Client Services and Education team identifies topics for the Education Express and Learning Cafe. Each month a 30-minute segment and a 60-minute segment are offered free of charge via web conference with topics relevant in the industry at the time. A broad range of significant topics include regulatory and compliance alerts, sharing best practices for problem solving, software upgrades, and security awareness to list a few.

Lani Lowing, client service representative and education team lead added: “Education is the hallmark of all the partners in the CU*Answers’ network. Education Express and Learning Cafes are two avenues of ensuring clients have the tools to operate effectively in their growth as a credit union and financial services provider to their members”.