Asterisk Intelligence enters its fourth year of providing data consulting and educational services to credit unions

Asterisk Intelligence, a data analytics team at CU*Answers, which provides business intelligence consulting, fulfillment, and educational services to credit unions will complete their third year of operations later this month.

The Asterisk Intelligence team specializes in data storage, structure, and retrieval of credit union operational data within CU*BASE as well as business strategies in leveraging data to manufacture value. “Our first three years of serving credit unions has been an overwhelming success,” notes Keegan Daniel, Vice President of Professional Services. “Expanding the audience of data strategies throughout our credit union community will pay long term dividends within our industry as more partners incorporate data driven strategies within their operations.”

In the first three years, Asterisk Intelligence focused heavily on credit union education and consulting services, as well as creating a shared data warehousing environment, expanded data transfer services, as well as doubling data retention and improving the access and availability of data. “We are excited to see the progress we can make in the next three years!”