Have You Updated Your Tracker Retention Settings Yet?

Update 2/12/2020: Please note that the automated Tracker purge has been postponed until further notice. 


As announced in the 19.05 CU*BASE release and the 19.12 CU*BASE release, beginning March 21, 2020 and continuing monthly for CU*Answers online credit unions, we will begin purging tracker conversations that are outside of the configured retention schedule. We recommend configuring your retention schedule now so that you are prepared when the purge begins.

What Do I Do?

First, decide the desired retention period for each of your tracker types. For more information on the minimum and maximum limits, visit online help (https://help.cubase.org/cubase/#UTKLRT-02.htm). In CU*BASE, select Tool #277 Configure Tracker Types, select the tracker type and ‘Change’ to edit the retention period. Be sure to review each of your tracker types, and that’s it!

What if I Do Nothing?

When the retention selection was turned on, retention periods were defaulted to the maximum length allowable by specific tracker type. If you choose to not edit the retention period on your trackers, these conversations will still be purged based on the default selection. Remember that we are no longer allowing you to keep unlimited trackers for the Audit (AT), Notice (NT), and Sales Tracker (ST) Types!

What if I Want to Archive Trackers?

Currently, archival opportunities are available for credit unions with a CU*Answers Data Warehouse. Credit unions with an active data warehouse will see additional options to purge only or archive then purge. If you do not have a data warehouse, the Asterisk Intelligence team is happy to assist! Visit the CU*Answers store to get started: https://store.cuanswers.com/product/data-warehouse-library/

One More Thing…

Got a lot of old trackers and you’re eager to get started? We will be selecting a small group of beta credit unions with trackers of varying volume to begin purging early next month. If you would like consideration for this first batch of purges, contact Bob Colburn, bcolburn@cuanswers.com. We will contact your credit union if you are selected.

How Do I Request Upload/Download Permissions for CU*BASE?

How Do I Request Upload/Download Permissions for CU*BASE?

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Aug 10, 2022

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Aug 9, 2022

Join Us for Asterisk Intelligence Week, Hosted in Las Vegas, Nevada!

Join Us for Asterisk Intelligence Week, Hosted in Las Vegas, Nevada!

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MOP (Membership Opening Process) 2.0 is Available for Credit Unions to Launch Today!

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Aug 8, 2022