Did You Know? You Can Make ‘Currently Serving’ the Default for Your Tellers

Did you know you can make ‘Currently Serving’ the default for your tellers?

Set your workflow controls so that “Funds in/serving another member” is used automatically, and tellers don’t have to remember to select it.  Access Tool #1004 Workflow Controls: Teller Member Service to change your default Teller Process Code to “Funds in/serving another member.”

Every time your front-line staff assists a member, they will see a list of account holders to select who is in front of them.  Let’s say it’s not Mary Member (primary), but instead Mark (coborrower) who makes a loan payment or John (joint owner) who takes a large withdrawal.  CU*BASE presents the appropriate photo ID on file, ensures withdrawals are made from allowed accounts, discloses balances to only the proper people, and documents who was served.

Standardize your teller procedures and take advantage of these auditing features.  Use Tool #1004 to have your front-line staff always use “Currently Serving!”

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