Alpena Alcona Area Credit Union includes core processor in business continuity tabletop exercise

For those credit unions looking to take their business continuity program to the next level, including key vendors and service providers in recovery testing and exercises is a win-win scenario. That was the experience for the team at Alpena Alcona Area Credit Union (located in Alpena, MI) when they partnered with CUSO and core processor, CU*Answers, to conduct a disaster recovery tabletop exercise.

With the participation of business unit leaders and branch managers, the simulated scenario involved a severe winter storm resulting in power and data communications outages at select branch locations with conditional injects at 15-minute intervals. “Understanding the capacity of the credit union to continue serving our members as conditions change is instrumental in enabling us to ask the right questions, anticipate the needs, and identify solutions in advance,” said Angie Szatkowski, Chief Operations Officer for Alpena Alcona Area. “By engaging our core processor, the team was exposed to a fresh perspective for preparing and responding to the situation, as well as leveraging online channels for reaching the members where they are, even during northern Michigan winter storms.”

Representing CU*Answers during the exercise was Danielle Caliendo, Business Continuity Coordinator. Danielle not only oversees the program for the core processor but also assists network credit unions in building and testing a program of their own. Information about conducting a tabletop exercise and more can be found on the CU*Answers website.