CU*Answers building a strong operations community

OpsEngine, the data center operations group that serves CU*Answers, just migrated a new process to their parallel team and the hosts of their high availability system, Site-Four located in Yankton, SD. This most recently shared processing tool is designed to purge old data as a part of regular system clean-up.

This is part of an ongoing initiative overseen by Jeff Miller, production center business development manager at CU*Answers. “We designed this exchange to be a part of the CUSO network,” says Miller. “Since a lot of the production work we do is similar, the entire community stands to benefit when our operations teams work in tandem. That is how we built a powerful high availability program, and we extend that same approach to daily operations.”

Miller anticipates that there will be a big cross-pollination effort in 2020. “It has worked well in the past, so we know that if we focus on this effort, the benefits will be much greater.”