A Limited Time Offer: As Much As 50% Off In-House Vaults!

CU*Answers Imaging Solutions is excited to announce a limited-time offer on reduced pricing for In-House Imaging Vaults – your credit union could see as much as a 50% off discount!  Set rules for capturing and storing data with the ultimate in flexibility for your credit union’s imaging strategy.  Features of this In-House solution include:

  • Convert your existing paper documents to support your paperless strategies.
  • Complete control of your retention schedule – save as many documents as you wish, for as long as you wish.
  • No need for disks!
  • Enjoy the benefits and conveniences that ProDOC Packages bring to your workflow.
  • Leverage advanced eSign features like templates, a customized in-branch eSigning experience on tablet devices, and credit union-branded eSign notifications to your members.

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