Xtend is Offering Discounted Emails for Thanksgiving Day!

Thanksgiving Day is coming up next week!  What has your Credit Union done to communicate branch closings?

For as low as $30.00*, Xtend can be your solution to raise member awareness of closings before Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday.

To request a message to be sent to your members, use the link below to contact Xtend.  They will send you a draft to review, and will take care of the rest!

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Xtend, Inc.

(866) 981-4983  |  info@xtendcu.com

*Fees may vary per request & will be quoted at that time. If you are a current HTML client, this email will be sent as HTML and an additional $0.02 per email sent will apply. If you are not a current HTML client, this message will be sent plain text via CU*BASE.