CU*BASE Strategic Release Management – Meet Pete Winninger

Pete Winninger, VP of Professional Services with Lender*VP, can help empower your staff with CU*BASE Strategic Release Management service!  Pete can help equip your credit union executives with strategic approaches and meaningful ways to utilize new options associated with each major CU*BASE platform enhancement.

CU*BASE Strategic Release Management will focus on:

  • Integration of strategy, objectives, goals and technology to make enhancements tangible.
  • A well-defined approach to help you maintain control over your tools, while creating value for users and members.
  • Creating dedicated connections to the people inside CU*Answers, who will help translate tools into specific strategies.

Pete can ensure your credit union executives and managers are empowered to use the latest CU*BASE tools and create value for your members.  Visit our store to learn more!

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Click below to meet Pete Winninger – Pete and the Lender*VP team can help your credit union utilize CU*BASE to get the most out of direct and indirect lending, forms, and collections services.

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