CU*Answers Client Services and Education participates in online retailing strategies

The Client Services and Education Team of CU*Answers launched their online store platform in 2017 starting with only seven product offerings. Since 2017, the team has added over twenty-five additional products, most of which are available at no additional cost to the credit union.

Kasey Hawkins, Assistant Manager of Client Services and Education, said: “The most popular store product thus far has been our User ID Additions and Deletions option. This Online Store product is used by CU*BASE security officers who need the Client Services and Education Team to either create, delete or modify CU*BASE USER IDs for their credit union staff.”

Instead of submitting an AnswerBook incident or using fax/email, a security officer can download, complete and submit this security officer form all within minutes. The Client Services and Education Team will handle the rest of the database modification on their behalf. There are a variety of products available ranging from educational, professional service, database modifications and newsletter offerings. The team encourages credit unions to check out their product offerings by visiting the store online.