Jump into a Dashboard Dive: Portfolio Analysis Dashboards

Join the Asterisk Intelligence Team for a Dashboard Dive!

Join the Asterisk Intelligence Team as they review tools #595 and #596, the Loan and Savings Portfolio Analysis Dashboards.  Reviewing balance changes and member participation in each of your configured share or loan products has never been easier!  Use these dashboards to review your portfolio positions using current account balances, or use End-of-Month balances for EOM reporting and balance reconciliation.  Learn how to use this dashboard to take action with built-in file creation and marketing capabilities, or take your project to the next level with Common Bonds, by analyzing these member segments through one of four automated analytical procedures.  You have questions, these dashboards have the answers!

Ask, See, Act, and Profit with the aid of Asterisk Intelligence.

Thursday, October 31

3:00 PM – 4:00 PM ET

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