A New Bill Pay Infrastructure Arrives on November 10

Mark Your Calendars: Bill pay is changing on November 10, and every credit union needs to be ready!

We have completely revamped the bill pay and P2P configuration infrastructure, allowing credit unions to support any combination of multiple bill pay and/or P2P vendors for members.  CUs can now move to a bill pay solution for new enrollees, while also giving existing bill pay members more time to migrate.  One bill pay and one P2P vendor remain as the primary solution for new enrollees, but members using a secondary vendor can stay with that vendor until they opt to un-enroll.

Even if you don’t plan to use multiple bill pay vendors, these changes will affect EVERYONE who uses bill pay.  While we anticipate the process to be smooth, a structural change as significant as this means all hands on deck.  Make sure your MSRs and bill pay experts are ready to field calls from members and pass along any issues to us, throughout that entire week especially.

For full details on this enhancement, refer to the 19.10 Release Summary.

To our self-processors: this is the same date on which you will be receiving the rest of the 19.10 release.