Don’t Miss This Week’s Dashboard Dive: Data Warehousing/Library Management Tools

Join the Asterisk Intelligence Team for a Dashboard Dive!

Join the Asterisk Intelligence Team as they review tools #1980 and #1310, the Library Statistics and Management Dashboards.  Regardless of whether you participate with our shared Data Warehousing services or not, you will not want to miss out on these features!  Learn how to utilize these tools to manage your data, delete files, and understand your data sources.  The first step in building a successful data strategy is understanding your resources.  Learn how these tools can be used to enhance your data warehousing strategies, increase data visibility, and trend your CU*BASE data footprint.  You have questions, these dashboards have the answers!

Ask, See, Act, and Profit with the aid of Asterisk Intelligence.

Thursday, September 12

3:00 PM – 4:00 PM ET

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