Asterisk Intelligence expands the audience for data strategies

Throughout 2019, Asterisk Intelligence, the data analytics and data warehousing team at CU*Answers, has worked diligently to expose operational data, insights, and data driven strategies to larger and more diverse audiences of credit union stakeholders. Recent analytical enhancements have integrated Analytics Booth operational Powerlines and Web Dashboards with key CU*BASE® features giving everyday users easy access to operational metrics.

“Turnkey, operational insights integrated into key CU*BASE features will not only reduce friction, but also the time and costs involved in getting the right data to the correct individuals when they need it,” says Thomas Hull, business intelligence analyst with Asterisk Intelligence. “Too often data is not readily available to the people who can value the most by it. These strategies directly target that shortcoming by imbedding operational insights into the tools people are already using; we’re effectively bringing the data to you.”

Asterisk Intelligence specializes in credit union data strategies, including data warehousing, analysis, consulting, and education. For more information on this team and the services they offer, visit the CU*Answers website.