CU*Answers updates Education for Success booklets

The West-Michigan based cooperative CUSO, CU*Answers, recently announced updated versions of its three Exercise for Success booklets. The three training booklets cover topics related to Member Service, Teller, and Loan processes for CU*BASE®. Updated booklets can be downloaded through the Client Services and Education Store page. These documents allow the CU*Answers Client Services and Education team to provide additional training resources for all client credit unions. Soon, education coordinators at credit unions will also be able to request answer keys for the booklets.

“Learning is based on making connections with what you know and what you don’t know to expand your knowledge,” said Lani Lowing, Client Services and Education Team Lead. “Designed for use with CU*BASE simulated training environments, these workbook series offer new CU*BASE users practical experience with common tasks.” Each workbook includes helpful instructions that guide learners in selecting appropriate accounts for use while practicing the activities covered in the booklet. Activities are based on common member scenarios and are followed by a knowledge check that learners can use to gauge their progress.