Analytics Booth dashboards reach three years of operational trending

Asterisk Intelligence, the data analytics and data warehousing team at CU*Answers, is excited to announce that their Analytics Booth Portfolio Dashboards, a web-based operational trending and analysis toolset, will exceed a full three years of daily portfolio trending.

“September 1st marks the three-year anniversary of activating daily data collection for our credit unions’ loan, share, and certificate portfolios,” said Thomas Hull, Business Intelligence Analyst with Asterisk Intelligence. “The ability to review three years of daily portfolio trending for each specific configured product allows our partners to dive deeper into their operations than ever before, while reducing the time required to transform data into insights.”

Later this year the Analytics Booth Trends feature, which was release two years prior to Web Dashboards, will achieve five years of daily operational trending. Together, these two Analytics Booth features have built a foundation for analytical insights for years to come. For more information on Analytics Booth, visit the CU*Answers Store.