Jump into a Dashboard Dive: Relationship Analysis

Join the Asterisk Intelligence Team for a Dashboard Dive!

Join the Asterisk Intelligence team as they review tool #752, the Relationship Analysis Dashboard.  Have you ever wondered how many members you have between the age of 18-25?  Or have you wanted to see a membership break down by age?  Learn how to use this dashboard to analyze both your member, and non-member relationships by age segment.  Take your analysis to the next level with built-in Common Bonds, which analyzes your member’s account composition, membership traits, credit history, and tiered service participation.  Learn how to take ACTION on this dashboard with built-in file creation and member outreach functionality.  You have questions, this dashboard has the answers!

Ask, See, Act, and Profit with the aid of Asterisk Intelligence.

Thursday, July 18

3:00 PM – 4:00 PM ET

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