CU*Answers announces new credit card cash back rebate program

West-Michigan based cooperative CUSO, CU*Answers, recently announced a new credit card cash back rebate program. This new development will allow credit unions to reward their members that make credit card purchases by giving a percentage back to the member. Credit unions will have the ability to take complete control of how much cash is paid out, control payouts from going to those who are delinquent a defined number of days, as well as configure which loan product will offer the cash back.

The rebate program will be operated by the SettleMINT EFT department. Throughout the spring this team has spent time advertising this new product by producing sneak peek flyers, coming soon announcements, as well as hosting multiple webinars. “We wanted to provide enough marketing so that our clients knew that something exciting is coming, and we also wanted to give them a firsthand look at what this program has to offer,” Megan Ernsberger, SettleMINT EFT account executive said.

SettleMINT will also advertise this new product in their store for credit unions who would like assistance on setting up the program. The store item will offer configuration of the feature based on the credit union’s definitions, train staff on the new product, provide the credit union with a statement onsert, as well as provide a hold message script for the credit union to record. The store will also hold helpful documentation, along with a recorded video.