CU*Answers Imaging Solutions partners with RVA Financial Credit Union to create teller automation

CU*Answers Imaging Solutions and RVA Financial Credit Union have teamed up to build an integration between CU*BASE®, CU*Answers’ core processing platform, and RVA Financial’s chosen assisted self-service solution, the Nautilus Hyosung 7800 product. This integration will allow members to access functions on the machine, using self-service or the video teller, that go well beyond typical ATM capabilities due to the integration with the CU*BASE core processing product. Members will be able to perform transfers, make payments and even take an advance on a line of credit.

Rick Preble, CEO of RVA Financial, shared: “We are always looking at how to best serve our membership. The ITM integration will extend service hours and make banking more convenient for our members. By allowing members to self-serve on our ITM with this advanced set of features made possible through core integration, we free up resources on the teller line which we can repurpose for member interactions focused on deepening relationships. Simply put, it’s a more efficient business model that leads to better member service and better use of our members’ resources.” This integration is targeted for release in May of 2020.