TruChoice Federal Credit Union implements a new training feature

The CU*BASE® Custom Training Edition (CTE) is a newer alternative to the shared simulated training environment (Bedrock Community CU) currently used by all CU*Answers online clients. “In April 2019, TruChoice Federal Credit Union became the first CU*BASE client to implement a Custom Training Edition (CTE) within just 30-60 days after their core conversion,” states Kasey Woodhead, Assistant Manager of Client Services and Education.

The CTE gives their team a safe place to practice using CU*BASE tools, learn new skills, and experiment with new features without potential harm to live member data. Additionally, it’s a copy of the credit union’s actual files, ensuring both the product configurations and member accounts are familiar and behave like they do in their day-to-day environment.

Interested in learning more about Custom Training Edition? Take advantage of a 15-30 minute free demonstration with a member of the Client Services and Education Team.