Skills learning is key in second Asterisk Intelligence Week event of 2019

Asterisk Intelligence, a data analytics team at CU*Answers, successfully concluded hosting their fourth data analytics educational event named Asterisk Intelligence Week. The 4-day event held mid-May was attended by 30 individuals from credit unions across the United States, all users of the CU*BASE® core processing software offered by CU*Answers. All sessions were free to attend and included a mixture of on-site trainings and online webinar discussion.

The first day of on-site training focused on the analytical dashboards within the CU*BASE core. Participants learned some of the more advanced features of the 100+ pre-built dashboard tools available today, and reviewed much of the library of available tools.

Two consecutive days of on-site training focused on learning the database structure of CU*BASE, and technical training on how to use a report builder tool to work with the data to create a custom report. Sessions were a mix of lecture and hands-on workshop sessions.

The final and fourth day of the event included four special webinar sessions focusing on two topics. First, the web application, Analytics Booth, built as an external data warehouse for aggregating and displaying daily trending and analysis of product portfolio and financial data. Second, database administration strategies and tools available in CU*BASE, including a Data Warehouse and tools for DIY data floods.

May’s event is the second in the 2019 calendar year with the next events for the year currently scheduled for August and December. August is fully booked and interest remains high among credit unions looking for skills training and solutions for working with data and data analytics.