How to Find Settlement Contacts for Xtend Shared Branches

It’s important to know who to contact for Xtend Shared Branch settlement/adjustment information, to ensure there is no delay in processing.  As a reminder, Xtend has specific settlement contacts listed on our website for proper shared branch handling.

To find the appropriate settlement contact for each participating credit union, you can use any of the following methods to find a contact list.  Be sure to use the specific contact listed and not the general branch information located when you click on a specific CU.

  • Use Network Links  from CU*BASE.  A pop-up will appear, and you will then click Xtend Shared Branching under the Resources column to be directed to the Xtend site for Reference Material.
    • Locate and review the necessary network contacts by clicking either button for ‘Settlement information for the Great Lakes Network’ or the ‘Settlement Information for the West Coast Network.’
  • Visit Xtend’s Website:, hover over Solutions > Shared Branching > and click Settlement Information
  • Bookmark the following pages:  Great Lakes Contacts    |    West Coast Contacts


If you need assistance in locating a contact or have questions for Xtend, please call 866-981-4983 or email