CU*Answers Client Services and Education team hits new milestone in conversion training

The Client Services and Education team hit the ground running starting in January of this year as they expanded their support hours for clients from coast to coast. So far this year the team has provided pre-conversion training to five credit unions who have joined the CU*Answers network—roughly 560 hours total over 14 weeks!

Stephanie Raven, team lead of Client Services, added: “Partnership Financial is our first credit union completely trained through our Presence Over Video initiative, meaning training is conducted remotely. This creates a huge cost savings for the credit union as no CU*Answers staff need to travel. The CU staff has a positive outlook and is excited to start working on CU*BASE®.”

Partnership Financial Credit Union has been working closely with Client Services and Education as the team executes their Pre-Conversion Training Plan. Partnership Financial converts on June 1st, 2019.