Action Required: ANR/ACH Refund Processing


On Friday, May 17, we made two reports available to your credit union for review in your HOLDxx OUTQ (LSTANR, which provides a listing in order of account number with totals at the bottom, and LSTANRS, which provides a listing in order of year/month with totals at the bottom).  After your credit union has reviewed these reports, please follow one of the links below, based on whether your credit union has determined a need for automated refunds.

If your credit union wishes to perform automated refunds, follow the link below.  After following the link, select the parameters for processing your refunds, including a date to indicate how far back into your transaction history you’d like us to go when posting the refunds.  Remember that individual refund transactions will be posted, one for each of the identified ANR fees incurred by the member.  You can choose whether or not to include the date of each original transaction in the secondary description for the refund transaction.

Click Here for ANR/ACH Refund Processing Options


If your credit union is choosing not to perform automated refunds, please follow the link below.

Click Here if you Do Not Need ANR/ACH Refund Processing


Whether your credit union is opting to perform the refund process or not, we need you to fill out one of the forms above no later than Friday, May 31st.  For additional information, visit the Kitchen page.

If you have any questions relating to this process, please contact the CSR team.