CU*Answers promotes a data warehouse offering within the CU*BASE® core

A data warehouse product is on the market from CU*Answers, a 100% credit union-owned data processing CUSO. Following a soft-launch of the product in January 2019, the Asterisk Intelligence team at CU*Answers is spending the month of April as a celebration of the data warehouse to promote awareness and sales within the network.

The product has been developed by the Asterisk Intelligence group at CU*Answers as part of a growing suite of data analytics and data warehousing products for credit unions. The foundation and purpose of the data warehouse is to support analysis projects by credit unions. It provides infrastructure for database administrators and data analysts to design and execute those analysis projects that require keeping data for long periods of time, or incorporating specialty data not automatically available in the core.

“Our data warehouse solution is phenomenal for our customer credit unions as a practical and affordable solution to store data from any source alongside the rich set of processing data that already lives in the core,” noted Annalyn Hawkes, Business Intelligence Analyst with Asterisk Intelligence. “Philosophically speaking, we see it as switching the mindset away from continuously extracting core data to send it elsewhere, and instead suggesting and supporting the idea of bringing those outside data sets into the core and analyzing them in-house.”

The data warehouse is currently available to credit unions utilizing the CU*BASE core software and it represents the software’s first opportunity for credit unions to maintain a custom space for importing and storing data sets within the core.

Asterisk Intelligence is a group launched in 2017 by CU*Answers to focus on strategies and development of data analytics and data warehousing for credit unions. For questions regarding Asterisk Intelligence or data strategies at CU*Answers, contact Keegan Daniel, vice president of Professional Services, Asterisk Intelligence.