Cherokee Strip Credit Union enlists help of CU*Answers for collections work

The Lender*VP Collections team at CU*Answers has added yet another client to their list bringing the current total to 22. $69 million Cherokee Strip CU based in Oklahoma has over 9,000 members and represents the first Collections team client in the state. “It’s always exciting to branch out into a new state for collections work,” said Jerry Collins, collections manager. “Each state has its own rules and regulations, so it requires some upfront preparation on our part to ensure we’re giving each state’s credit unions the best service we can provide.” The Lender*VP Collections team can customize and tailor a collection program including delinquencies and negative accounts to fit any credit union’s specifications.

The Lender*VP Collections team serves as a partner for collections for many of the over 250 clients using CU*BASE® across the country. Some credit unions are permanent fixtures who have been partners for years and some prefer a ‘repair and return’ policy.