CU*Answers integrates with CUNA Protection Advisor

CU*Answers, the 100% credit-union owned, cooperative CUSO, headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has partnered with CUNA Mutual Group to offer a single sign on (SSO) to allow a flow of information between CU*BASE®, CU*Answers’ core processing platform, and the CUNA Mutual Group website to quote Miscellaneous Coverage options.

The integration between CU*BASE and the CUNA Protection Advisor website allows loan applicant and collateral information to be transmitted directly to the CUNA website. The integration eliminates the need to rekey the applicant and vehicle information. All the required data will be taken from the loan application in CU*BASE and auto-populated on the CUNA website.

The SSO connection takes place when adding a properly configured coverage code in CU*BASE to quote GAP or Mechanical Breakdown coverage. After entering an applicable code, users will be launched from the core to the CUNA website to retrieve the quote. Once the coverage is accepted, any documents can be printed from CUNA using the data imported and the coverage selected. The coverage quote is then returned to the loan application in CU*BASE to finalize the application.

The integration is now available for any CU*Answers credit union who is interested; a relationship with CUNA Mutual is required.