Asterisk Intelligence completes multiple post-conversion trainings on dashboard tools of CU*BASE®

Asterisk Intelligence, a data analytics team at CU*Answers, recently completed a successful round of tool and strategy training sessions with four recently converted credit unions to the CU*Answers core processing system, CU*BASE.

The standard post-conversion training sessions focus on educating credit union staff on the robust dashboard toolset of CU*BASE. The sessions typically take place one month after the conversion date.

Chief Executive Officer Johnny O’Hare of Cherokee Strip Credit Union (Ponca City, OK) summarized his perspective of the trainings with his staff: “The next time I have one of these training conversations with a “big box” core processor, will be the first time I have one. They just don’t happen. With them, you’re converted and simply dropped off at the curb to fend for yourself. Not so with CU*Answers, which is why their solutions are so holistic and robust for us – great job.”

“It’s like CU*Answers sold us a Cadillac and are still around after the sale to make sure we know how to turn on the dashboard lights and adjust the seats,” O’Hare added. “We really get recurring “best practices” training for how to properly use CU*BASE and appreciate all the available features. It’s such a positive experience.”

Dashboards in CU*BASE are designed to support analysis and functionality of data. There are over 90 pre-built dashboard tools available today, each designed to support a dynamic on-screen experience when reviewing and analyzing data. Most recently the Asterisk Intelligence team has converted a select number of dashboards to an equivalent version available via a web application for any credit union who is a subscriber of their Analytics Booth software product. To learn more, visit the CU*Answers website.