Lender*VP Collections adds new staff to match business growth

The Lender*VP Collections team experienced record growth in 2018 and has forecasted continued growth in 2019. To match this growth, the team increased staffing by 48% in January to maintain appropriate staffing levels. “In addition to growth we see imminent opportunities and prospective business plans,” noted Manager Jerry Collins. “We added staff to allow for training time so that we are seasoned when onboarding new clients and when new opportunities come to fruition. It is important that any new clients know that they can rely on our expertise right away when they sign on with us.”

The Lender*VP Collections team offers a unique approach to the collections business and does not fit the stereotypical mold. The team is integrated with CU*BASE® with customizable options for credit unions that can be deployed on short notice. If you have a collection need or are curious how a partnership with the CU*Answers Collections team can benefit you, visit us online.