CU*Answers moves to seven day a week processing

CU*Answers, a CUSO based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, moved to seven-day per week processing. The change was announced in June 2018 and became effective Sunday, February 2, 2019. The update to the CUSO processing routines came as part of an initiative to raise the bar on credit union member service for clients across the board.

The project allows processing to occur on a more immediate, real-time basis, with processing and posting dates aligning, timelier automated funds transfers, easier general ledger balancing, and more.

“This is the culmination of work we have been doing over the last three years to revamp our back-office environment. We feel it is our responsibility to help our clients as they raise the bar for member service, and this was a major step in moving that goal ahead,” said Jeff Miller, the OpsEngine data center Business Development Manager. “Our clients seem to agree. Given the option to choose whether to move ahead or not on a per-credit-union basis, 85% of the credit unions we process for made the move immediately, and we expect to see others do so as they move ahead at their own pace.”

OpsEngine, the data center experts at CU*Answers, have been working on several projects along these lines as part of an ongoing series of initiatives to align operations with the current pace of business. “Members don’t stop on Sundays and it is our aim to provide services that match the way they live,” says Todd Underhill, the OpsEngine data center Manager. “This was a big change, but we’ve got more coming in the future. This opens up a lot of possibilities for our clients that were not available before for things like data analytics, and we want to help our clients take advantage of that.”