CU*Answers planning to add private contact channel to its online/mobile banking platform

This week CU*Answers launched a development project that will add a new private communications channel where members using the It’s Me 247 online and mobile banking platforms will be able to send secure messages directly to the credit union via the CU*BASE® core processing platform. CUs can respond to messages directly through the core, with the response appearing to the member the next time they log into their accounts via It’s Me 247.

This project expands the existing “Contact Us” feature in It’s Me 247 and takes advantage of the secure connection between online/mobile banking and the credit union’s desktop tools. Dawn Moore, VP of the Writing Team/Product Design, said: “The existing tool basically just lets the member say ‘hey, somebody please call me!’ With private contacts, the member can fully explain their situation, including account and personal details, and know that information will remain private and secure on its way to the credit union member service desk.”

The project is being championed by TruChoice FCU in Portland, Maine, who will be converting to the CU*BASE platform in March.