CU*Answers Network Services launches new client management portal

CU*Answers Network Services (CNS) is pleased to announce the launch of its new client management portal, Helpdesk. The new Helpdesk system will be used to consolidate all sales/fulfillment, asset tracking, client relationship management, project and support information for each client into one easy to navigate system.

“The new Helpdesk system has helped us combine a number of products and services into a single pane of glass,” said Nicole Hall, CNS project coordinator. “The ability to get a complete view of what is happening with any given client has been of great benefit to the team and ultimately, our clients.”

“Prioritizing client needs across a large team has become much more efficient with the rollout of this new solution,” added Sarah Sweet, CNS client support coordinator, “The new Helpdesk allows us to identify the team’s highest priorities at any given time and apply the resources needed.”

The platform will be used by all CNS clients, including those who purchase a service or piece of equipment to those who use CNS Complete Care management.