CU*Answers launches native data warehouse offering

A new data warehouse product is on the market from CU*Answers, a 100% credit union-owned data processing CUSO. The product was developed by the Asterisk Intelligence group at CU*Answers as part of a growing suite of data analytics and data warehousing products for credit unions.

Product development included a round of collaborative testing by participants in a CU*Answers program called “Boot Camps”. Participants of the 2018 What Makes Data Valuable Boot Camp spent a full quarter evaluating and improving the warehouse. This initial data warehouse is available to current users of the CU*BASE® core software, with plans for future versions to expand availability to other credit unions.

“The launch of our data warehouse is an important moment and creates great opportunity for our network credit unions to begin deeper custom analytics and data storage strategies,” said Keegan Daniel, Vice President of Professional Services. “We’re very interested to see how our credit unions, both small and large, will begin to use this new product”.

Asterisk Intelligence is a group launched in early 2017 by CU*Answers to focus on strategies and development of data analytics and data warehousing for credit unions. For questions regarding Asterisk Intelligence or data strategies at CU*Answers, contact Keegan Daniel, Vice President of Professional Services, Asterisk Intelligence.