CU*Answers integrates MeridianLink LOS with CU*BASE

CU*Answers, the 100% credit-union owned, cooperative CUSO, headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has their first MeridianLink LOS integration with Fox Communities Credit Union. Fox Communities was very active in the creation of this new partnership between CU*Answers and MeridianLink. The integration went live on December 18th and from all reports has been a successful transition.

The integration with MeridianLink utilizes a two-way communication to create a seamless communication of data between the two systems. The application and underwriting process is handled completely within the MeridianLink software; once approved the loans are sent to CU*BASE. The approved loans will then go through the account opening and funding process in the core.

Fox drove the change to bring the partnership with MeridianLink to allow any credit unions within the network to find the best solution for their needs. CU*Answers is proud to be flexible in its approach to work with many vendors at the request of our credit union owners. CU*Answers looks forward to continued success with MeridianLink and the next integration with their LOS software.