CU*Answers holds 7th annual Continuity Awareness Day

On January 23, 2019, CU*Answers held its 7th annual corporate “Continuity Awareness Day”. This annual event is an essential component of their business continuity and incident response awareness program.

“Launching our awareness campaign each January sets the tone for the remainder of the year,” said Jim Lawrence, vice president of Business Continuity. “It sends the message to staff at all levels that being prepared for a prompt and effective response when unexpected incidents occur is a high priority here at CU*Answers.”

Continuity Awareness day kicked off with a cup of hot chocolate, an information packet about the business continuity program, and a commemorative mouse pad to remind staff daily they all have a key role to play in every incident response.

Business continuity awareness and training is an integrated part of normal daily operations at CU*Answers, beginning with the onboarding process for each new employee and continuing education classes and exercises for seasoned staff. Information regarding the CU*Answers Business Continuity programs including tips for credit unions to improve their level of preparedness can be found at the CU*Answers website.