Reminder: An Important Update to PayWatch by SettleMINT

Payveris offers a fraud monitoring tool called PayWatch, which allows you to review any transactions that fail the rules that you put in place.  In addition to this service, the SettleMINT team offered a service called PayWatch by SettleMINT to assist you with monitoring the alerts.  Based on the rules we agreed upon, the SettleMINT team would then assist with decisioning the transactions.

Effective January 1st, 2019, the PayWatch by SettleMINT service will no longer be offered (PLEASE NOTE this DOES NOT impact the Payveris PayWatch tool, that is still supported).  The SettleMINT team will train those credit unions currently enrolled in PayWatch by SettleMINT on how they can monitor the queue and decision the alerts.

We will be hosting training sessions on the following dates.  Please register for your preferred session:

Tuesday, December 11

10:00 AM ET



Wednesday, December 19

1:30 PM ET.