CU*Answers preparing for sweeping changes to subsidiary processing

Internal teams at CU*Answers are actively brainstorming on system improvements to tracking the accounting life of fixed assets, prepaid expenses and accrued expenses. Tools will be redesigned so that it is easier to create and work with subsidiary items (i.e. office equipment, buildings, training classes, etc.). The table structure will be re-evaluated, redundant screens will be eliminated, and the overall flow will be much more intuitive.

At the Accounting Focus Group on April 11, 2019, where CU*Answers gathers with credit union accounting experts, the proposed subsidiary enhancements will be discussed in detail and credit unions will have the opportunity to provide input.

Keegan Daniel, manager of the Asterisk Intelligence team said: “CU*Answers is working toward building out our operational databases not only for improving overall workflow but also for providing analysis of the many functions that accounting/back office teams perform”.