CU*Answers marketing team announces 2018 4th quarter contest winner

The fourth and final quarterly contest for 2018 has come to a close for CU*Answers. The bill pay contest ran from October – November with a winner drawn in December. “Thanks to all of the 75 participating credit unions who entered to win,” said Marketing Manager Pete Meyers. “In holding these free contests for our credit unions, it’s our hope to provide additional opportunities for credit unions to engage with their members and drum up excitement.”

The winner was drawn at random and a member of Bay Area Credit Union in Oregon, OH, was the lucky winner of a 55” Samsung TV. Over the months of October and November there was an increase of 2,744 bill pay users for a total increase of 2.50% compared to the previous two months. The Marketing team thanked everyone who signed up and encouraged all interested credit unions to continue participating in the free quarterly contests, which all award a prize valued up to $500!

To learn more about the 2019 CU*Answers quarterly contests, visit CU*Answers at their website.