CU*Answers enhances data presentation functionality

The CU*Answers 18.10 CU*BASE® release introduces new Visual Analytics Tools (VAT) charts and two new dashboards, continuing the Asterisk Intelligence team’s track record of bringing clients new ways to educate others about their data. The VATs will help to explain a credit union’s data better with a graphical tool and is introducing line and stacked bar charts.

The “stacked bar” serves as a new way to draw what is traditionally presented as a pie chart. This style of charting makes comparisons between data sets much easier and more accurate than trying to eyeball a group of pie slices. The line chart style is a new way to show column charts, and it’s intended to demonstrate a trend over time more intuitively than columns could offer.

Also being offered is the dashboard “control center” presentation option. The “control center” presentation style is intended to provide an “at-a-glance” visualization. It uses a collage of several parts presented together on the same screen so there’s no need to flip between tabs or buttons.