CU*Answers begins defaulting to seven-day processing for client credit unions

Reliable performance, efficient design, flexible implementation, increased security and maximized uptime are the qualities that drive CU*Answers’ 24/7 projects. CU*Answers is currently taking client requests for the launch of 7-day per week processing. Even though credit unions may not be open on Sundays, holidays or other non-business days, members are wanting to conduct their own financial business on those days.

Previously, CU*Answers has offered credit unions daily processing for five or six days a week, with credit unions desiring seven-day processing having to request this access. Beginning and end of day processing for Sundays was performed with Friday or Saturday’s end of day processing, effectively skipping Sunday. With the change, the default will be to perform beginning and end of day processing respective to each day.

Because CU*Answers want their clients to have this competitive advantage, there is no additional cost for adding the 24/7 projects to the core processing.