Cherokee Strip Credit Union converts to CU*Answers – CU*BASE®

Cherokee Strip Credit Union (Ponca City, OK) has converted to CU*BASE, the core processing platform of West Michigan-based cooperative CUSO, CU*Answers. The $70M credit union is the first Oklahoma credit union to join the CU*Answers family.

Johnny O’Hare, Cherokee Strip CEO said: “After 27 years on our legacy core platform, we’re very pleased to be part of the CU*Answers credit union family. Our move to CU*BASE was completed on-time and well-orchestrated by a team of professionals that essentially helped us re-imagine data delivery into a singular, comprehensive solution that is easy to understand for both associate and member. We also have a new consistency in virtual touchpoints that provides more information to our members where and when they want it, along with greatly enhanced business continuity capabilities. For the first time, we also feel that we matter and have a voice at our data processor, and are confident that CU*BASE will continue to develop and grow along with us.”

“We’re incredibly excited to have Cherokee Strip join our network of credit unions,” added Scott Collins, CU*Answers executive vice president of national sales and marketplace relations. “As a cooperative, we understand that what has fostered our CUSO’s growth has not just been the products and services we’ve offered over the years, but the participation and engagement of our customers and owners. We thrive together, and as our firm approaches its 50th anniversary in 2020, we’re confident it’s precisely through that cooperation and shared vision that we’ll continue for 50 more years.”