CU*Answers Launching New Controls for Time Zone Processing – Starting Tomorrow with Mountain Time


You’ve been selected…and we need your help!

As you may remember from the recent Leadership Conference and CEO Strategies events, CU*Answers has been working on some major initiatives related to 7-day business weeks and processing across multiple time zones.

We’re now ready to begin implementing one of these projects, and we need you to help us beta-test the new process we’re calling (at least until we come up with a catchier name): Enhanced EOB/BOD by Time Zone.  These new controls will allow us to run end- and beginning-of-day processing routines in one time zone without interrupting online service to credit unions in other time zones.  Since 11:00 p.m. in Michigan is only 5:00 p.m. in the Hawaiian time zone (and yes, we are converting a CU in Hawaii very soon!), we need to be able to handle daily processing in waves, moving from east to west across the country.

What’s the effect on your credit union?

In a nutshell, we will be making a minor change to some configurations for your CU so that when EOD/BOD is in process, users attempting to log in will receive a friendly message explaining that the system is currently unavailable, and to try again in 15 minutes.  That’s all!  Even if we experience problems, it’s a simple matter of adjusting a configuration setting back to the original, so your teams might not even notice.

Your participation is critical to give everyone in our network confidence that the new controls are working properly.  We are selecting CUs in multiple time zones to participate, starting with our clients located in the Mountain Time zone.

The test will begin for your credit union on Wednesday, November 14.  During the test period we may ask you to have someone attempt to log in during certain times of the day as we experiment with the control settings.


Note: Changes will not affect your members via online/mobile banking, audio response, or EFT activity, and staff shouldn’t notice anything unless they attempt to log in to CU*BASE when the system is processing nightly tasks. 

We will gradually add more CUs across additional time zones until Tuesday, December 11, when we anticipate every CU to have the new time zone controls turned on.

We appreciate your contribution in making these important new controls a success!  If you have questions, contact Jack Carpenter, VP Production Center at or Darrell Stickler, Manager, Software Development, Production/Operations Teams at


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