CU*Answers helps credit unions exercise their incident response plan

As a CUSO serving 270 plus credit unions in 40 states, CU*Answers continually seeks ways to leverage the combined experience and expertise of each participant for the benefit of the network. In the area of technology, one method that has been successful involves getting credit union IT leaders together on a biannual basis to share and discuss topics that are most urgent to them. During the November CUSO Technology User Group meeting held in Frankenmuth, MI, one of the key items on the agenda was “Exercising the Credit Union Incident Response Plan”.

The discussion was launched with an educational presentation on the components that make up an effective incident response tabletop exercise including instructions for planning and implementing an ongoing program at the credit union. “The tabletop exercise is a valuable tool for identifying gaps and weaknesses and improving response capabilities, whether for business continuity or information security scenarios,” states Jim Lawrence, vice president of Business Continuity at CU*Answers. “Without exception, those exercises that are most successful begin with setting clear objectives and requires the full participation of an engaged team.”

The group discussion on this topic was determined to be so relevant to the current needs of the credit unions who participated that a follow-up presentation was scheduled for the Spring 2019 CTUG meeting including a live demonstration of a cyber incident response tabletop exercise.

Additional information about the CU*Answers’ Business Continuity and Incident Response programs can be viewed at their website.