A Black Friday Special from Asterisk Intelligence: Free Data Floods Through the End of the Year!

Sign up for our self-directed data floods, which are free through December 31st, 2018!

The Asterisk Intelligence team continues its promotion of offering free self-directed data floods until 12/31/2018.  After that, credit unions can process floods on their own, or work with the Asterisk Intelligence team to complete their floods for them for a $500 professional services fee.  If your credit union is interested in learning about the tool to perform your own floods, please reach out to ai@cuanswers.com to learn more.

To order one of these pre-defined flood options, visit the CU*Answers store – we have more than 20 options available, including various loan IDs and codes.

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Keep an eye on your inbox for more information, including when we will be hosting education sessions for clients who wish to perform their own flood processing!