Reminder: November Year-End Deadlines

Don’t forget to complete your November year-end tasks!

No Later Than Monday, November 5

Online Credit Unions

Confirm year-end instructions by accessing and completing

Tool #916 Update Tax Form Handling Instructions

 Self-Processing Credit Unions

Confirm tax form archival instructions by completing the

Tax Forms Archival Instructions form

Anytime in November

  •  Verify State ID # in Chart of Accounts for reporting on 1099
  • Make a decision on whether or not you wish to print substitute 1099-INT forms on member statements
  • Modify statement messages/instructions
  • Monthly IRA/HSA verification
  • If offering e-statements and using substitute 1099-INTs: send alert email message
  • Update Federal Holidays/non-business days configuration
  • Complete and verify tasks in Monthly Verifications booklet