CU*BASE 18.10 Release Updates

As a reminder, the 18.10 Release of CU*BASE GOLD will be deployed to Online and Site-Four credit unions this weekend, on October 21.

We will be posting any/all issues related to the 18.10 Release of CU*BASE on the CU*BASE Alerts page, compiled into a single alert post located here.  We will not be sending out any emails regarding individual issues for this latest release.  If you are encountering any issues with the 18.10 release, please refer to the CU*BASE Alerts page to see if it is currently listed as a known issue.

New Behind-the-Scenes Global Controls Coming for It’s Me 247

During this month’s routine maintenance for online and mobile banking, we implemented a new feature we’re excited to share with you!  New behind-the-scenes global controls will give us unprecedented control over how individual online/mobile feature work, allowing us to selectively bring specific features offline in case of emergency.

For example, say your bill pay provider is experiencing issues. Instead of cryptic error messages or worse, having to bring online banking offline altogether, we can now disable just the bill pay feature.  Instead of browser error messages, we’ll be able to show member-friendly messaging explaining that the feature is temporarily unavailable when the member clicks on the usual button or link.  Members will still be able to use all other online/mobile banking functions as usual.

Not only will this new infrastructure let us response quickly to unexpected issues, but do so in a way that reduces member confusion and questions to your call center.

Other than the normal interruptions associated with implementing a CU*BASE GOLD update, we do not anticipate there will be any noticeable effects that members will see as a result of these changes.