Credit unions join with CU*Answers in disaster recovery test

As a critical vendor and core data processor for over 170 credit unions in 23 states, CU*Answers performs live production recovery tests twice each year by redirecting operations of the CU*BASE® platform from the primary data center in Michigan to the secondary data center in South Dakota. This high availability environment involves identical equipment at both facilities with near real-time data replication to keep the systems synchronized. Core data processing continues from the secondary data center until the end of the test window where procedures are executed to bring production back to the primary data center.

This test was recently performed during the week of September 23rd with the active participation of each credit union to ensure connectivity and functionality from all branch locations. “Engaging the credit union in active participation of our recovery events provides the hands-on experience and understanding of the networking and technology environments from the core to the branch required to provide uninterrupted service to the member,” said Jim Lawrence, Vice President of Business Continuity. “Rather than perform our tests offline in an isolated setting, being truly prepared requires that all parties involved feel the bumps and bruises that come from learning and improving.”

At the conclusion of each recovery test, CU*Answers provides a gap analysis report detailing the event including the challenges faced and lessons learned. These events and reports are instrumental in credit unions’ vendor due diligence programs. Additional information about the CU*Answers’ Business Continuity program can be viewed on their web site.