Asterisk Intelligence conducts free data floods

Asterisk Intelligence, a division of CU*Answers specializing in credit union data strategy, has successfully completed its first free credit union data flood, updating over 1,500 membership records. The new service, released early this month, is designed to allow credit unions to perform mass data updates not only quicker but also far cheaper than ever before.

“This service introduces our credit union partners to a new realm of data governance and database management techniques, while also cutting costs and project timelines,” said Keegan Daniel, VP of Professional Services and manager of the Asterisk Intelligence team. “We are excited to see how credit unions choose to utilize this new functionality.”

In the past, data floods were done solely by programmers at the cooperative CUSO to ensure data integrity and security. With the addition of a new tool to the CU*BASE® core processing platform making the process less intimidating, the ability to perform floods could shift to service staff and eventually directly to clients. This service is slated to become a free, self service database management tool for all credit union partners in 2019. Asterisk Intelligence is offering managed data floods now through the end of the year.